Promoting the City’s Architectural Heritage

Dublin Civic Trust is an independent charitable organisation that works to recognise and protect the city’s architectural heritage.
As an educational trust, we are dedicated to the principles of building identification, sensitive repair and minimal intervention, as well as appropriate use of the city’s historic building stock.
We work in partnership with Government, local authorities and society to realise our vision of Dublin as an attractive and vibrant historic city.

Current and Ongoing Projects

Part of the current work of the Trust is the assessment of the historic core of the city, with an emphasis on the identification and protection of historic streetscape. Some areas we are focusing on are:

  • The acquisition of a flagship historic building refurbishment project in the city centre.
  • A new publication on the gable-fronted house tradition in Dublin of the 17th and early 18th centuries.
  • Completing the rewrite of our flagship Irish Period Houses guidance manual – now available online for 2016.
  • Developing a policy platform for the renewal of key secondary areas of Dublin city centre.

Board and Staff

The activities of the Trust are supported by a Board composed of professionals in the fields of Economics, Law, Public Administration, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Landscape Design.

The Chief Executive Officer is Geraldine Walsh and the Chairman is James Kelly, MRIAI, MRIBA, Grade I Conservation Architect.

Other Board members include: Rebecca Jeffares (Hon. Secretary), Colm Regan (Hon. Treasurer), Raymond Sexton, Nigel Walsh, Peter Keenahan and Duncan Stewart.

Executive Staff

Geraldine Walsh Chief Executive Officer contact here
Graham Hickey Conservation Director contact here